Test ingresso inglese 1

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What ……….you reading? o do

o are o does o is

She ………..English food. o isn’t liking o not like o don’t like o doesn’t like My birthday is ………February 28th. o in o the o at o on

It’s time to go ……….home. o -- o at o to o in Is this ………..coat? o yours o the your o the yours o your

Can I have ……….bread, please? o a

o any o some o one

“What’s his job?” “He’s ……….architect” o is

o one o the o an

How long are you going to stay in London? o For the last two weeks.

o For another two weeks. o I enjoy it.

o It takes three weeks.

Let’s have a cup of tea. o I do too.

o I don’t think so. o I hope so.

o That’s a good idea

Cerchia l’intruso in ogni gruppo di parole: o skirt o shirt o shelf o scarf o stairs o kitchen o bathroom o hall

“Is that your girlfriend?” “Yes, …………..name’s Marta”

o she’s o hers o her o the her


- What do you do? o I’m engineer

o I’m very well, thank you o I’m very good. Thank you o I’m an engineer

o I present you

o I introduce my friend Isabel o This is

o Here o What cost

o What money is this camera? £ 25. o How many

o How much

- I’m hungry o Do you like

o Would you like a hamburger? o Would you

o Will you o How long is it

o Is far to London? Sixty miles o What is distance

o How far is it o Have

o Spend a good holiday! Thanks. I’ll send

o Pass you a postcard o Take



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