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B2. Mapping and activating the centres


Academic year: 2021

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B2. Mapping and activating

the centres



Braço da Prata

Living Project

Antiga Fábrica

do Sabão








Azinhaga is characterized

by two main dimensions:

the vertical one - wall, and

the horizontal dimension -

pavement. Using those two tools

is possible to build an interactive

path involving the users in simple

activities or just giving them

information about the landscape

around them.

graffiting stories

looking out

the walls are brick made pages of “vertical book” telling the history of the Oriental side of Lisbon

a street art festival give a face to the walls: are the Marvila’s people telling their stories

a window displaying the surroundings, breaking the high ancient walls and allowing the visitor to admire the landscape in remarkable points along the path

speaking walls

dreming a new city

enlighting the way


one of the most important intervention is to put floor lights on the path to implement the existing concrete lamppost system, making the use safer at evening or night, not only for visitors but also for residents

the inhabitants can have their vegetable gardens taking advantage of the Azinhagas’ wall vertical surface

some transparent panels are installed on the low walls where people can imagine and draw their own landscapes

taking a break

overcoming the wall

discovering new lands

the path is long and a relaxing where is possible to read a book or simply to rest enjoying the shadow of the trees

a stair made with concrete cubes: climb it and admire the panorama

thanks to a lens system, the periscopes are able to go beyond the wall and show the hidden and secret landscape

Azinhagas cultural

and landscape path


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