CondLean 3.2 user manual

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CondLean 3.2

user manual


CondLean 3.2 comprises a graphical interface written in Java. One can prove the validity of a sequent by putting it into the text fields and then clicking a button. If the sequent is valid, CondLean 3.2 offers three different alternatives: 1. to display the proof tree of the sequent in a special window; 2. to build a latex file containing the same proof; 3. to display some statistics of the proof.

How to install CondLean 3.2 running Windows

1. Extract into a folder, for instance C:\Programs\CondLean 3.2;

2. Open file condlean3.2.bat with a text editor;

3. Replace C:\j2sdk1.4.2_13\bin with your java path;

4. Replace C:\Programmi\SICStus Prolog 3.12.2 with your SICStus Prolog path;

5. Replace C:\CondLean 3.2 with the installation directory (in the above example, C:\Programs\CondLean 3.2);

6. Run condlean3.2.bat

Note: remember to copy files prooftree.sty and mem3.cls into the directory where latex output files are saved before compiling .tex files.


CondLean 3.2

user manual

How to use CondLean 3.2

To check for the validity of a sequent, type it in the text fields of the main window.

Sequents are lists of pairs [label,formula], seprated by commas. Labels and formulas must be written in lowercase.

For instance, one can query CondLean 3.2 with the following sequent:

[x,a and b] |- [a,a=>b]

The theorem prover checks whether the typed sequent is valid when the user clicks the

“Prove the sequent” button.

When a sequent is valid, the user has to click the “Proof tree” button to diplay a closed de- rivation found by the prover. Otherwise, the user can click the “Latex file” butto to cuilt a latex source file containing the same closed derivation. Last, the user can have a look at some statistics of the proof by clicking on the “Statistics” button.


CondLean 3.2

user manual

By means of the menu items, the user can:

• choose the system of conditional logics he wants to use

• set the default folder for saving .latex files (containing latex source file of the closed deri- vation in case the submitted sequent is valid)

• have a look at a web page helping the user.

How to use latex files

When a sequent is valid, you can create a latex file containing the proof tree; compiling this file with a latex compiler, you can build a .pdf or a .dvi or a .ps file showing the proof tree.

To obtain the tree latex file make the following operations:

1. Click the button “Latex file”:

on the control window; file "alberoDiProvaN.tex" will be created into the output directory;

2. Compute this file with a latex compiler.

To view and/or to print the proof tree you have to compute file "alberoDiProvaN.tex" with a latex compiler, as follows:

latex "alberoDiProvaN.tex" to create a .dvi file pdflatex "alberoDiProvaN.tex" to create a .pdf file

atex "alberoDiProvaN.tex"

dvips "alberoDiProvaN.dvi" to create a .ps file

NOTE: to compile "alberoDiProvaN.tex" you must copy Paul Taylor's file "prooftree.tex" and

"mem3.cls" into the output directory.


CondLean 3.2

user manual

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