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Riccardo Massidda

+39 351 866 9661

r.massidda@studenti.unipi.it rmassidda.it

Via Gherardi del Testa 19 Livorno, LI, Italy


Università di Pisa November 2021 - ongoing

PhD in Computer Science

Università di Pisa July 2021

Master’s Degree in Computer Science (AI curriculum) 110/110 with honors Existing techniques can analyze the correlation between units in convolutional neural net- works for image classification and visual concepts in the input. Building on previous methods and formalizing visual concepts in the context of a referential theory of meaning, this work in- troduces and validates two metrics to estimate semantic alignment. Furthermore, by relating visual concepts to WordNet synsets, the proposed approach improves the alignment qual- ity. Consequently, semantic alignment enables the clustering of units that are architecturally connected and semantically coherent.

Università di Pisa May 2019

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science 110/110 with honors

The thesis describes a probabilistic model for the simulation of genomic variants and next- generation sequencing (NGS) reads. Both research and development have been fulfilled during an internship at IIT-CNR.


Università di Pisa October - December 2020

Tutor for undergraduate students

During weekly meetings, I assisted computer science undergraduate students by answering their theoretical questions and aiding them with their assignments.

Net7 June - July 2019

Frontend Developer

Development of an Angular library and design of GraphQL middleware solutions.

National Research Council (CNR) February - June 2019

Research internship

During the internship, I actively contributed to a bioinformatic research project within the Institute of Informatics and Telematics (IIT).

SISAM Group September 2015 - January 2016

Full-stack developer

Design and implementation of a web application used to track small or medium-sized container terminals.


Italian Olympiad in Informatics September 2014 National round participant

The competition tests high school students for their problem-solving skills in a programming setting. The success in different local rounds determines the participation in the national phase.


I am a Python developer with thorough knowledge and experience with scientific, deep learning and NLP frameworks such as NumPy, PyTorch, NLTK, SpaCy, TensorFlow and Matplotlib.

I am also competent with C/C++languages in the context of parallel processing.

I am an experienced GNU/Linux user, highly familiar with shell scripting, Git version control, LATEX and the UNIX toolkit.

I speak Italian as my mother tongue, and I am a fluent English speaker in technical and social contexts.


Geraci, Filippo, Riccardo Massidda, and Nadia Pisanti. “Technology and Species Independent Sim- ulation of Sequencing Data and Genomic Variants.” In 2019 Ieee 19th International Conference on Bioinformatics and Bioengineering (Bibe), 138–45. IEEE, 2019.

Massidda, Riccardo. “Rmassidda @ DaDoEval: Document Dating Using Sentence Embeddings at EVALITA 2020.” In Proceedings of Seventh Evaluation Campaign of Natural Language Pro- cessing and Speech Tools for Italian. Final Workshop (Evalita 2020), edited by Valerio Basile, Danilo Croce, Maria Di Maro, and Lucia C. Passaro, 6. Online: CEUR-WS.org, 2020.




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