1992-2001: Technical Assistant, at University of L’Aquila, Department of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Materials

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PLACE AND DATE OF BIRTH: Macerata, Italy, 24th April, 1963 PROFESSIONAL STATUS: Academic Senior Researcher.

ADDRESS: University of L’Aquila, Department of Physical and Chemical Sciences, via Vetoio 67100 Coppito (AQ), ITALY

FAX: (+39)-(0)862-433753;

PHONE: (+39)-(0)862-433308

ACADEMIC MOBILE PHONE: (+39)-3386545864 E-MAIL: marcello.crucianelli@univaq.it


 1982: “Technical Industrial Chemist” Diploma (score: 60/60), “I.T.I.S. Montani”, Fermo, Italy.

 1989: “Laurea” degree (cum Laude) in Industrial Chemistry (supervisors: Prof. Rosario Nicoletti and Prof. Maurizio Botta), Università “La Sapienza”, Roma, Italy.

 1990-1991: Military service as “Aeronautica Militare” Officer.

 1992-2001: Technical Assistant, at University of L’Aquila, Department of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Materials.

 1992-1994: 2nd level Master Degree at the Post Graduate School “A. Quilico” for Synthetic Chemistry, Politecnico di Milano (supervisor: Prof. Pierfrancesco Bravo).

 1996-1999: Ph.D. in Industrial Chemistry at Università di Milano (supervisor: Prof. Pierfrancesco Bravo).

December 2001- to date: Academic Senior Researcher (Assistant Professor) at University of L’Aquila

LANGUAGES: English: routinely used for oral and written communications. French: school level.


A synthetic organic and organometallic chemist, with several years of experience in academic scientific research work.


 Since 1992, he has been supervisor of several theses of undergraduate, fellowship, PhD and Post- Doc students, at the University of L’Aquila, in the fields of synthetic organic and organometallic chemistry and catalysis.

 Several years on Teaching activity as Lecturer at University of L’Aquila and formerly at Politecnico di Milano (Como’s campus) for the following courses: stoichiometry, general inorganic chemistry, advanced inorganic chemistry, industrial chemistry, organic chemistry and bioinorganic chemistry for undergraduate students.

 Member of:

"Società Chimica Italiana" since 1992;

“American Chemical Society” since 2008.


In collaboration with Prof. F. De Angelis, University of L’Aquila:

- National Italian Project PRIN 2001: “Animal communication: an integrated study on the chemical communication in social insects” (prot. 2001057321_003);

- National Italian Project PRIN 2006: “Structural and synthetic studies of eumelanic biopolymers deriving from 5,6-dihydroxyindols through soft techniques of mass spectrometry” (prot.


- National Italian Project PRIN 2008: “Structural characterization through soft mass spectrometry of innovative eumelanic type polyconjugated polymers, from 5,6-functionalized dihydroxyindols”

(prot. 2008LMY5WX_002);

- National Italian Project PRIN 2010/11: “Oxidative and radical processes: innovative aspects and applications to the development of melanic and antioxidants biopolymers of biomedical and technological relevance (PROxi)” (prot. 2010PFLRJR_006);

- 2003-2006: contract of scientific collaboration with “Dompè-Pha.r.ma. S.p.A. Research Centre” of L’Aquila, on “Identification, synthesis and pharmacological characterization of IL-8/C5a dual inhibitors”.


Since the beginning of his professional activity (1992), he has been engaged in the development of new stereoselective synthetic reactions for the preparation of many different chiral fluorinated

biologically interesting synthons as: fluorinated polyalcohols, fluorine-containing amino acids, fluorinated peptidomimetics, alkaloids etc., via the chiral sulfoxide chemistry.


Successively, he moved his research interests toward the field of organometallic chemistry, by synthesizing different palladium, rhodium and platinum based complexes useful for application both in catalytic and pharmaceutical fields.

In the last years, he started to investigate the field of transition metal based oxidative catalysis, in order to study novel applications under both homogeneous and heterogeneous environment friendly conditions. At the present, one of his research interests is focused on the study and development of new routes for the heterogenization of metal complexes on hybrid organic/inorganic matrixes, in order to evaluate their activity and reactivity, under heterogeneous catalytic conditions, towards the

oxyfunctionalization of biologically active compounds .


Active participant at national and international conferences on organic, organometallic, bioinorganic chemistry and catalysis.

Co-author of 73 original scientific papers in qualified peer-reviewed international journals.

Co-author of 73 contributed papers presented either as oral communications or as poster presentations, in national and international conferences on organic, inorganic, organometallic and bioinorganic chemistry.

Referee of many different scientific journals as: Journal of Catalysis, Topics in Organometallic Chemistry, European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, Reactive and Functional Polymers, Journal of Molecular Catalysis A, Catalysis Letters, Current Medicinal Chemistry, Chimica Oggi/Chemistry Today, Catalysis Today, Applied Catalysis A and B, Fuel Processing Technology, Catalysis Communications, Polyhedron.

Referee for National and International Funding Agencies; member of PhD evaluation Board Committees; member of the Advisory Board of National Scientific Conferences.

1999: Visiting researcher at the research group of Prof. Klaus Burger, University of Leipzig (Germany), within “Programma Vigoni”.

2011: Visiting Researcher at the research group of Prof. Italo Ferino, Università di Cagliari (Italy);

2011: Research stage, within the LLP/Erasmus Programme, at the research group of Prof. Luis A. Oro, University of Zaragoza (Spain);


2013: Research stage, within the LLP/Erasmus Programme, at the research group of Prof. Matteo Zanda, University of Aberdeen (Scotland, UK).




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