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Marine OrnithOlOgy

Volume 37 (1) 2009


Pacific Seabird group

african Seabird group australasian Seabird group Dutch Seabird group UK Seabird group

Japanese Seabird group

edited by

rob Barrett John Cooper Peter Dann Scott hatch

2009 MARINE ORNITHOL OGY 37(1) P ages 1–95


Vol. 37 No. 1 ISSN 1018-3337 2009



BUTLER, R.W. Twenty years on: advances in ecological understanding of globally important birds in the Strait of Georgia,

British Columbia, and Puget Sound, Washington . . . 2 Papers

THERRIAULT, T.W., HAY, D.E. & SCHWEIGERT, J.F. Biological overview and trends in pelagic forage fish abundance

in the Salish Sea (Strait of Georgia, British Columbia) . . . 3–8 BOWER, J.L. Changes in marine bird abundance in the Salish Sea: 1975 to 2007. . . 9–17 ANDERSON, E.M., BOWER, J.L., NYSEWANDER, D.R., EVENSON, J.R. & LOVVORN, J.R. Changes in avifaunal

abundance in a heavily used wintering and migration site in Puget Sound, Washington, during 1966–2007 . . . 19–27 GOLUMBIA, T.E., NYSEWANDER, D.R., BUTLER, R.W., MILNER, R.L., CYRA, T.A. & EVENSON, J.R.

Status of breeding Black Oystercatchers (Haematopus bachmani) in the Salish Sea . . . 29–32 JANSSEN, M.H., ARCESE, P., KYSER, T.K., BERTRAM, D.F., MCFARLANE-TRANQUILLA, L., WILLIAMS, T.D.

& NORRIS, D.R. Pre-breeding diet, condition and timing of breeding in a threatened seabird, the Marbled Murrelet

Brachyramphus marmoratus . . . 33–40 HAMEL, N.J., BURGER, A.E., CHARLETON, K., DAVIDSON, P., LEE, S., BERTRAM, D.F. & PARRISH, J.K.

Bycatch and beached birds: assessing mortality impacts in coastal net fisheries using marine bird strandings . . . 41–60 O’HARA, P.D., DAVIDSON, P. & BURGER, A.E. Aerial surveillance and oil spill impacts based on beached bird survey

data collected in southern British Columbia . . . 61–65 GOOD, T.P., JUNE, J.A., ETNIER, M.A. & BROADHURST, G. Ghosts of the Salish Sea: threats to marine birds in

Puget Sound and the Northwest Straits from derelict fishing gear . . . 67–76


MCKINNON, L., GILCHRIST, H.G. & FIFIELD, D. A pelagic seabird survey of Arctic and sub-Arctic Canadian

waters during fall . . . 77–84 FERNS, P.N. & ROSS-SMITH, V.H. Function of coloured bill tips, stripes and spots in breeding gulls . . . 85–92


JONES, I.L. Birds of the Aleutian islands, Alaska (by D.D. Gibson and G.V. Byrd) . . . 93 HIPFNER, M. Identification guide to North American birds. Part II—Anatidae to Alcidae (by P. Pyle) . . . 94–95


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Kepulauan Seribu has ecotourism potential located throughout the islands. the potential of which is a major activity in the development of marine ecotourism [8]. Kepulauan Seribu

This paper examines the incidence of plastic ingestion, and the type and amount of plastic ingested, in a variety of the seabird and coastal bird species of southeastern

The hypothesis that frigatebirds are responsible for injuries resulting in incapacitation on Bird Island leads to predictions that (1) most frigatebird attacks would take place in

Juan de Fuca, Strait of Georgia and Puget Sound), including the BC Beached Bird Survey (BCBBS—filled squares) in British Columbia and the Coastal Observation Seabird Survey

In the present study, we compare encounter rates with oiled carcasses and incidence of oil found on beaches in southern British Columbia [Georgia Strait, Strait of Juan de Fuca

Bycatch and beached birds: assessing mortality impacts in coastal net fisheries using marine bird strandings.. Aerial surveillance and oil spill impacts based on beached

Key words: Beached bird surveys, monitoring programs, oil spill response, search intervals, carcass persistence, search efficiency, NRDA, seabird damage assessment,

With the recent development of coordinated oil spill response and wildlife rescue teams, government agencies have conducted organized search efforts to collect

Because of this gap in data collection and concerns about the increasing rate of chronic oiling reported in Atlantic Canada, Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary

Beached bird surveys had begun in March 1976 in Orkney, the island group south of Shetland, and by February 1978 had recorded an overall oiling rate for seabirds of 5.6% (Jones

A recent analysis of beached bird data from the Wadden Sea region for the Wadden Sea Quality Status Report 2004 (Camphuysen et al. 2005) indicated that the Special

These improvements to key data “layers” in the spatial model will enhance our ability to correctly interpret the reported rates of oiled seabird recovery in

On 28 November 2004, reports were received from the public by the Canadian Wildlife Service and Environmental Protection Branch of Environment Canada and by the Canadian Coast

Although the immediate goal of surveys is to collect data on beach conditions and bird casualties, one overall aim should be to quantify the problem in ways that help to

The other important cause of bird mortality identified in this study was drowning in fishing nets. Indeed, the number of beached birds for which mortality was associated with

Mean encounter rates of all oiled local breeding marine birds and all other oiled species for the nine years of Beach Watch; each year beginning in September and ending the

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Figure 11 presents a joint analysis of the cluster counts for the CCCP mass bias prior with primary CMB, the Planck lens- ing power spectrum, and BAO.. The results without BAO

• Brahma: the first underwater 4-channels digital sound recorder.. • A tetrahedrical hydrophone array for

Assessing natural capital value in marine eco- systems through an environmental accounting model: A case study in Southern Italy.. Marine natural capital and ecosystem services:

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