Conclusions and perspectives

In document Organic electronics at the interface with bio-medicine (Page 121-148)


Chapter 6


cross-fertilization between the worlds of organic electronics and biology is increasingly evolving, and has already provided successful examples of integration of micro- and nano-technological applications of organic electronics with techniques of cell biology. Biosensors, medical diagnostics, tools for biomedical research, and bioelectronic implants are only few examples of the achievements attained. These results will have a undoubted effect on healthcare and quality of our lives.

This Thesis falls in the track of these great achievements and expectations for Organic Bioelectronics. In particular, the contribution of this work has been highlighting the eminent role of organic conductors in diagnostics and actuator applications. The main type of device developed and used here is the OECT, and our general aim has been to demonstrate the potential of such devices in real-time and in-situ monitoring elements and dynamic processes involved in biological systems. It has been demonstrated for the first time that OECTs can effectively and reliably sense and monitor biomolecules (eumelanin), nano-systems for drug-delivery (functionalized paramagnetic NPs) and drug-induced cellular stress. In all the different experiments reported, the analysis of the electrical output of the device allowed to successfully monitor the concentration of the analyte (eumelanin and functionalized NPs) and the evolution of the system studied (i.e., cells). The conductive properties of organic semiconductors were also exploited to control and study the surface factors that influence the adhesion of biological systems, such as bacterial cells. In this case, the organic-based actuators that were developed allowed controlling the formation of bacterial biofilms according to the redox status of the surface.

Future developments of the present work will address the optimization of the devices developed here, aiming at reaching unprecedented levels of accuracy and


sensitivity in monitoring and studying biological processes. A first application will deal with monitoring the cellular stress induced by drugs, released in situ by nano-carrier systems, such as liposomes, functionalized NPs, micelles, etc. To this regard, the results pursued here on the detection and monitoring biological molecules, drug-delivery systems and cellular stress by organic electronic devices are pieces of a big puzzle being represented by an ambitious project. The latter is aimed at integrating the outstanding capabilities of OECTs demonstrated here towards an highly-sensitive, reliably and easy-to-use organic technology for in situ and real- time monitoring of drug-induced cellular stress. Monitoring drug-induced cellular stress is of great relevance since today this often requires cumbersome and somewhat complicated procedures. This application will run close to a more fine and precise detection of the cell death, with discrimination between apoptotic and necrotic cell death pathways. On the side of diagnostics and food safety, the sensing capabilities of OECTs will be applied for monitoring the bacterial content present in liquid environment.

It should be emphasized that, while many efforts have been already done in order to comprehend the physics underlying organic conductors and organic-based devices, plenty of work needs to be done yet.

The first area of fundamental physics that should receive attention is ion transport in organic electronic materials. The presence of both electronic and ionic carriers represents the key challenge, which renders classical methods such as conductivity measurements and impedance spectroscopy difficult to interpret. Thus, new techniques are needed in order to help decouple the contributions of electronic and ionic charges. To this end, recent experiments on charge transport in PEDOT:PSS revealed that ion mobilities were as high as those found in water, demonstrating the


key role of water uptake in the polymer for increasing transport properties.

Relatively little work has been done on the synthetic side of organic bioelectronics compared to the more traditional organic electronic devices. Most materials used in bioelectronics are fundamentally unchanged since one or two decades, and are often used simply because they are commercially available. More work, therefore, needs to be done, in order to further improve chemical, physical and biocompatible properties of organic semiconductors and enlarge their functionalities and applications.

Dealing more specifically with biocompatibility, a deeper understanding of the structure of the interface between organics and electrolytes is needed. Surface properties, such as morphology and composition, greatly influence how ions, proteins, macromolecules and cells interact and conform to the surface.

Finally, in vitro diagnostics represents a major opportunity for future applications of organics in biomedicine. Systems with higher degree of similarity to living tissues will represent the perfect basis for the achievement of new application with high social impact.

In summary, the research work described in this Thesis has given a contribution to further demonstrate the relevance of organic electronic devices and, in particular, of OECTs in the increasingly relevant field of bioelectronics.



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