The whole code has been developed on a an Intel

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In this master thesis we have showed that it is possible to implement a fully-software and real- time waveform of a high data-rate standard such as IEEE 802.16e-2005. All the functional blocks has been developed from scratch in pure C++ on a Linux-based OS. The presented results show that the real-time target can be easily achieved at the transmitter side with a single thread architecture. For the receiver side we have found that the Memory Acceleration technique is an effective optimization method that permits us to achieve the real-time target with a double-thread architecture, reducing the computational load and rather exploiting the plenty of available memory.

The whole code has been developed on a an Intel




2 Quad-core Processor Q9400 with 2 . 66 GHz clock speed and 3GB of RAM memory, equipped with Fedora 13 64 bit Operating System. A proficient work of optimization led to a bitrate of 18Mb/s at the modulator side and 7 . 30 Mb/s at the demodulator using a single-thread architecture.

Future works will concern on the set-up of the RF front-end, through the USRP2 peripheral,

and the software implementation of the MAC Layer primitives.




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