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1. Which fuels are used for running automobiles?


Academic year: 2021

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1. Which fuels are used for running automobiles?

a. Wood b. Coal c. Diesel d. Charcoal Ans. 1. (c)

2. Coal burns in air producing- a. CO2 and H2O

b. CO and H2 c. CO2 d. O2 Ans.2. (c)

3. Combustion is a reaction in which a Substance reacts with- a. Hydrogen

b. Nitrogen c. Oxygen d. Chlorine Ans. 3. (c) 4. Fuel may be- a. Solid

b. Liquid c. Gas

d. All of these Ans. 4. (d)

5. Essential requirements for producing fire are:

a. Fuel b. Air c. Heat

d. All of these Ans.5. (d)

6 Which one of the following is fuel of our body?

a. Petrol b. Diesel c. Food d. Water Ans. 6. (c)

7. Combustion is a- a. Physical process b. Chemical process c. Both (a) & (b) d. None of these Ans.7. (c)


8. On burning, fuel produces ________ amount of heat a. Large

b. Small c. Very small d. No heat Ans.8. (a)

10. During the process of combustion ________is given out a. Heat

b. Light c. Sound

d. Both heat & light Ans. 10. (d)

11. Ideal fuel has ____ Heating Value a. Low

b. High c. Moderate d. Zero Ans. 11. (b)

12. Heating value gives the a. Fuel efficiency

b. Amount of heat c. Amount of light d. None of these Ans.12. (a)

13. Heating Value of a fuel is measured in a. Kilo joule

b. Kilograms c. Kilo joule per Kg d. Calories

Ans.13. (c)

14. Incomplete combustion gives a. CO2

b. CO c. Carbon d. None of these Ans.14. (b)

15. Amount of heat energy produced on _____ combustion of 1kg of fuel is Heating Value a. Incomplete

b. Complete c. Half

d. None of these Ans. 15. (b)

16. Which of the following is/are carbon fuel a. Wood


b. Coal c. Petroleum d. All of these Ans. 16. (d)

17. Combustion of most fuels releases a. CO2

b. SO2 c. NO2 d. Oxygen Ans.17. (a)

18. Global warming is caused due to____ concentration of CO2 in air a. Decreased

b. Increased c. Both (a) & (b) d. None of these Ans.18. (b)

19. The occurrence of dissociation in the product mixture of a combustion reaction a. increases the final temperature

b. increases the final pressure with no effect on the final temperature c. decreases the final temperature

d. has no influence on final pressure and temperature.

Ans.19. (c)

20. When the Equivalence Ratio is lower than 1 a. in the products we find unburned fuel

b. in the products we find no residual O2 c. n the reactants there is insufficient fuel d. In the reactants there is excess air Ans.20. (a)

21. An ideal gas mixture

a. does not change its composition

b. has property values given by a weighted average of its components’ values for each given property

c. has constant enthalpy d. has no excess reactants Ans.21. (b)

22. Combustion of a gas mixture has highest adiabatic temperature a. when the equivalence ratio is lower than zero

b. when the equivalence ratio is higher than zero c. when done at constant pressure

d. when done at constant volume Ans.22. (d)

23. Constant volume combustion is best represented a. by a Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor model

b. by a Plug Flow Reactor model


c. by a Batch reactor model d. by none of the above Ans.23. (c)

23. Constant pressure combustion is best represented a. by a Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor model

b. by a Plug Flow Reactor model c. by a Batch reactor model d. by none of the above Ans.23. (a)

24. The adiabatic flame temperature a. is highest for constant pressure combustion

b. independent of the path for given chemical reaction and reactant mixture composition c. is highest for constant volume combustion

d. is highest for an optimal combination of both conditions a) and b) Ans.24. (b)

25. The occurrence of a thermal explosion a. is more probable for a large vessel

b. is more probable for a small vessel

c. only depends on the activation energy of the reaction d. is independent of the initial temperature of the mixture Ans.25. (a)


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