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On the contrary the ESP can correct both of these undesired motions


Academic year: 2021

Condividi "On the contrary the ESP can correct both of these undesired motions"


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In this research we analyze the feasibility of an Active Yaw Control whose working principle is based on the engine torque distribution between the front and the rear axle of the vehicle.

In addition we compare our system with a traditional ESP (Electronic Stability Program) and we study the possibility to make these systems cooperate. We simulated the car motion in several different conditions, for example in case of high cornering speed or during an avoidance manoeuvre. The vehicle behavior is evaluated in terms of stability, handling, performance and comfort. The models of the vehicle and of the other devices are built using the software “Simulink”. It was concluded that providing a vehicle that is normally rear-wheel drive with our system we can create contra-cornering yaw moments. To produce a pro-cornering yaw moment is possible when our Active Yaw Control is applied on a front- wheel drive car. Therefore the redistribution of torque system is not able to prevent both oversteer and understeer on the same vehicle. On the contrary the ESP can correct both of these undesired motions. Moreover the ESP proved to be more powerful than our method but even more uncomfortable and, whereas it acts on the brake system, it makes the car performance worse. In the end we established that the ESP and the redistribution of torque strategy can work together without interfering negatively, improving the effectiveness of the Active Yaw Control interventions.


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