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A combination of three engineering tools for identifying and evaluating the possible failures of a process


Academic year: 2021

Condividi "A combination of three engineering tools for identifying and evaluating the possible failures of a process"


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A Combination of Three Engineering Tools for Identifying and Evaluating the Possible Failures of a Process

Roberta Zanni

1. Introduction……… 2

2. Tools review Strengths and Weaknesses……….. 7

3. How to apply the three tools………. 9

3.1 Dysfunction mode and effects critical analysis (DMECA)……….. 10

3.2 The Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)……… 13

3.3 The House of Reliability (HoR)………. 16

3.4 Dysfunction causes ranking……… 21

3.5 Corrective actions proposition………. 22

4. Conclusions……… 22


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