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The Power of Perfume


Academic year: 2021

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The Power of Perfume

For people who know about style and beauty, perfume is not just a perfume, it’s the start of something beautiful, and good beauticians know it.

Your smell says a lot about the woman you are or the one you want to be. Fragrance is part of your world and your perfume is as important as what you wear: it’s your secret; besides, perfume has the power to alter you and other people’s perceptions of who you are. It is fundamental in your lifestyle so, when choosing and wearing your fragrance, remember the following list of some of the handiest tips.

1. Don’t make up your mind on a scent as soon as you’ve sprayed

it on. Fragrances are made up of ingredients that evaporate at

different stages as they warm up on your skin.

You might not like a scent immediately but love it an hour or so later, so spray and take a walk before you decide.

2. Ask a trusted girlfriend her opinion; she knows you, your personality and how you usually behave. If she’s sure it’s right for you, take her word for it.

3. As a general rule, remember that the more

expensive a fragrance, the stronger its concentration. Perfume contains the pure essence of a scent and therefore, the highest concentrate is always the most expensive in price, and should be used sparingly.

4. If you want your scent to last longer, adopt the “layering technique”. This means stocking up on the other products in the range such as shower gel and body lotion, and using them in succession.

5. Don’t simply apply your scent to your neck and wrists; spray on your ankles, the backs of your knees (pulse points are ideal as heat acts as a catalyst), your trunk, as well as in all the usual places. In this way so your perfume will last up to many beautiful hours on your body and you’ll wear it well.

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