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First of all I want to thank my parents, if I have arrived to be what I am today is only thanks to them;


Academic year: 2021

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To become an engineer is not easy; the street is long and so hard and it is difficult to walk if you are alone. Fortunately this was not my case and if now I manage to see the end of this street is thanks to special people who always stayed with me during this walking; they are the first people to whom I want to say “Thank you”.

First of all I want to thank my parents, if I have arrived to be what I am today is only thanks to them;

every time they have been at my sides, especially during difficult moments.

A special thank to prof. eng. Luigi Lazzeri and eng. Daniele Fanteria of” Università degli Studi di Pisa” for their advices and big help about my work in E.S.A..

I’m very grateful to my tutor at ESA eng. Andreas Obs; I found in him not only a good Tutor but also a great person; he was able to help me spending a lot of time trying to solve all the problems that I met. I really appreciated this.

Thanks to eng. and Head Division Torben Henriksen and all the people of TEC-MCS found at Estec for the good environment in which I lived during my stage and for all their experience and availability shown and good tricks taught to me for learning structural programs.

I wish to specially thank my friends met here in Holland: Massimiliano, Gianluca, Michele, Djamel El-Buta, Manuela, Goncalo, Chiara, Charlotte, Simone, Joffre and Tobias for the good friendship during this stage and the very nice nights spent together.

Thanks to the friends of Aerospace Engineering course, in particular to my housemates Riccardo, Edino, Isabella, Virginia and to my big friends Francesco and Simone.

I would like to spend some words for Special thanks to Famiglia Patti; I will never end to say thanks to them for giving me hospitality to their house during these six months and for all the love they gave me in every moment; they always stayed with me suggesting me during the difficult moments that I met here at work and outside letting me feel like at my own house from the first day I arrived here; thank you, thank you and for ever thank you!!.

I think these are all the people I needed to mention, if I forgot someone I’m really sorry, it was not my intention.



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