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Thanks to Dr.Marcel Tichem for the opportunity to work in the PMA department, the suggestions regarding the project defense and the development of my project


Academic year: 2021

Condividi "Thanks to Dr.Marcel Tichem for the opportunity to work in the PMA department, the suggestions regarding the project defense and the development of my project"

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I’d like to thank Vu Ngoc Pi, my daily tutor during my work in TU Delft, for his theoretical and operational help, especially for the drying of the abrasive. He also reviewed this thesis very carefully giving suggestions and comments.

Thanks to Dr.Hoogstrate whose suggestions for the experiment design were very important for my work and for his availability each time needed.

Thanks to my Italian professor Gino Dini who contacted Dr. Tichem in order to give me the opportunity to make my master thesis abroad.

Thanks to Jeroen Derkx for his important suggestions and his help when needed.

Thanks to Dr.Marcel Tichem for the opportunity to work in the PMA department, the suggestions regarding the project defense and the development of my project.

Thanks to Harry and Jos whose daily help in the laboratory was indispensable in order to carry out the experiments effectively.

Many thanks to my friends Lorenzo, Matteo and Gianni who have been very close to me in the most difficult period of my work.

Finally, thanks to my parents and my sister who have always encouraged me during my period in the Netherlands.



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